Compromises can’t be made when cleaning, the quality and the end results are experienced by everyone.

The research and development area of Pfe has been working on the principle that in order to deliver an excellent service it is essential for the company to “work smart”.

The Clever Job © method of working is based on the principles of Lean Management: the lean organisation aims to minimize time wasted and the optimisation of procedures.

Pfe’s innovative method Clever Job © aims to ensure efficient services and quality that add value to the customer needs.
When compared to the traditional methods, its effectiveness is obvious, Pfe’s innovative method clever job has been awarded a patent for industrial innovation.

Like an orchestra, the Clever Job © team works in perfect harmony.

Anyone can perform a service, but performing a “smart service” is the mark of Pfe.

Time and consumption reduced by up to 25% in cleaning activities

Clever Job © is a unique process comprised of 4 Macro activities:

Emptying and preparation



Washing and sanitising