Pfe S.p.A. in the context of transparency activities, has equipped itself with the following tools:

The provisions contained in these three documents are binding to all employees, none excluded or excepted, including consultants, external collaborators, customers, suppliers, subcontractors and stakeholders in general.

The Supervisory Authority has a totally external collegial composition, where anyone intending to report violations of the Model and / or the Code of Ethics, can contact by emailing: Also, a specific Corruption Prevention Function has been set up for reports relating to illegal corruption / extortion perpetrated within the company, and can be contacted on

The reports can be promoted, in addition to the email addresses listed above, also:

  • with the use of the dedicated Whistleblowing platform (token: PFEWB) below, and / or
  • by letter addressed to the Supervisory Authority and / or to the Corruption Prevention Function and sent in a sealed envelope to the Company’s headquarters and / or
  • by any other suitable means deemed useful for the purpose.

Please note that:

1) both Authorities are autonomous and independent from the Company and its directors and cannot disclose news and information acquired while exercising their functions;

2) the reports can never lead to any retaliation against the whistleblower and anyone is precluded from searching and / or using the information received for purposes other than those of the report;

3) the full anonymity of the whistleblower is also guaranteed and, precisely for this purpose, the link below is available to formulate anonymously, with the use of the dedicated Whistleblowing platform, a report of illegal behavior, including attempted, or irregularities in the company of which you are aware, by referring it to the Supervisory Authority or to the Corruption Prevention Function.
Each report is always a favorable opportunity to contribute to the healthy growth of the Company.