Facility Management

We are a company specialising in providing Facility Management services, operating in the domestic market since 1988.

We provide a “labour intensive” service. Thanks to the careful and well-planned organisation of our human resources and financial planning, we have created a path of consistent growth which has enabled the company to develop from a family business to a joint stock company. Today we are recognised as a leader in the sector in Italy.

We work with public and private sector customers, providing valuable support which enables them to focus on the management of their respective core businesses. We provide a wide range of both hard and soft services for customers in the healthcare, civil and industrial sectors. Our soft services include both cleaning and sanitisation expertise.

Pfe believes that the future depends on environmental sustainablity and innovation. Pfe has designed and patented a working method, “Clever Job”, based on the principles of Lean Management: the streamlined organisation of processes, aimed at minimising time wasted and optimising ( the efficiency and consistency) of our services. Pfe believes in the constant training of employees, particularly in relation to the sustainability of our methodolgy, which supports our promotion of the Circular Economy.

We pay great attention to the well-being of our employees, and promote numerous projects aimed at corporate welfare. We also support a range of initiatives promoting social responsibility

The story of a resilient Company

Pfe has proven itself to be one of the most resilient companies in Italy, with continuous and uninterrupted growth in the “last” thirty years.

Pfe is the story of a family-run business founded in 1988, that has demonstrated perseverance, passion, commitment and self-sacrifice.
Its founders promote projects aimed at innovation and training and have implemented business management plans supervised by a professional BoD and Management Team.
Today it is among the main players in the Facility Management Sector in Italy.


In February 1988 Totò Navarra founded the first generation of the family-run business: La Puligienica.


La Puligienica experienced immediate success and continuous growth with the support of the second generation which allowed the company to become increasingly dynamic and structured.
As Pfe grew, it increased its presence in the public and private sectors, first becoming a S.r.l. and in 2009 a joint stock company: Pfe S.p.A..



The reorganization of the Management Team and the BoD with the presence of external members, combined with the implementation of the business plan, has given Pfe constant and uninterrupted growth in turnover.
Pfe is today one of the most important players in the industry nationally.


Pfe is a company made up of people who strive to improve daily life for everyone (our clients, colleagues and communities). Pfe looks towards an increasingly sustainable future based on our innovation and the improvement of our performance and business processes. This common objective motivates us every day to work together to the best of our abilities.

Pfe across Europe

Pfe S.p.A. has a strong presence throughout Italy, with offices and operating centres based in Italy.

Effective and efficient coordination with clients and sites where services are provided is achieved through using a wide range of methods including:

Interface with the costumer